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UGG Logo Mark Redesign

As many of you know now, my favorite design style is to play with letters and create monograms. I dont know how but till last week I havent notices howbad the UGG's logo was designed. I realized the logo when my wife wore her Ugg's. From a designer's perspective it looked very confusing..⁠

Fist of all the logo used Serif fonts, which I believe dont match with the brand's overall product style. Its not a luxury brand but they create a product very well known with its superior comfort. Second, the mixed letters were very poorly designed and had to be fixed. ⁠

So I created a custom Sans Serif font and placed U, G, G letters with gaps so that even though its a 2D design, from a distance it looks like a letters are places like a chain passing through each other.⁠

What do you think about this week's logo redesign challenge? Let me know your thoughts in comments.⁠

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