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Artfully layered lettering combined to create a minimal design for a tattoo or other personal use

Custom Monogram Name / Date Logo & Name Tattoo Maker

Just $30.

Design with Depth


Custom monogram Name Date Logo & Tattoo by Designer Murat hand-crafts modern marks that are unique to you and your story. The abstract designs are created by thoughtfully layering letters of a word, name or numbers/date that is significant to you to create a design that is not only beautiful, but meaningful.

Also design is great for:

  • Individuals looking to have a beautifully overlapped design for a tattoo or other personal use

  • Small business owners in need of a sleek logo and professional look

  • Couples in need of a minimal wedding monogram

  • Families wanting a modern family crest

This is a digital file download, NOT a physical print. Upon purchase, you will receive 4 high-res files (300dpi) with no watermarks.

Since this is a custom commission, I will be needing following information:


  • ONE name, word or numbers/date you'd like to be made into a logo (NOTE: they typically look better if shorter, around 4-7 unique characters)

  • Your email address where it will be sent

  • TikTok (or instagram) handle, for a potential shoutout! (NOTE: not everyone who orders will get a shoutout)

Note that no changes/edits/different versions included and your logo design will be a surprise! You'll receive your name logo / name tattoo directly in your email in 2-3 business days or less.

Thank you so much for the support!



⏱ 3 Days Delivery

 No Revisions


1 white-background square

1 transparent-background square

1 colored-background square

1 colored-background phone-screen size

Frequently Asked Questions

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