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Signal Messaging App Logo Mark Redesign⁠

After the recent events, Signal messaging app became extremely popular. The current logo is nice, but I believe it needs an update for multiple reasons. Let me detail you my thoughts on the current logo:⁠

1- The chat bubble icon in the middle is exactly the same as WhatsApp's chat icon. It needs to change.⁠

2- The outer later around the chat bubble icon is a dashed line. They wanted to emphasize the security layer around your chat, but as its dashed, it also reminds me that the app does not 100% secure my chat. There are still gaps that anybody can slip inside..⁠

So first of all, I updated the chat bubble inside with a much minimal version.. And much different that the WhatsApp's icon :) Second, I added a solid thick layer around the chat bubble referring that your chat will ALWAYS be secure from outer attacks, NO gaps allow outsiders to reach your conversations..⁠

So what do you think? Please tell me your honest opinions about the design.. They help alot and I read them all.. And also do you plan to switch Signal?⁠


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