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Rockstar Games Logo Redesign

I am a big fan of Rockstar Games.. When I was a child, my first game was GTA1 (say hey if it was yours as well :).. I was hooked to that game really fast and countless hours spent on playing it.. Then after some years, GTA2 came but from the previous experience of me playing the game always, my parents decided not to get me one of those :( And then GTA3 came.. with 3d graphics and super gameplay.. I didn't eat at school, saved from my lunch money, and finally purchased the best game ever.. Since then I cannot stop playing the great games Rockstar created..

GTA Vice city, an inside look of Miami to a small kid from Turkey.. San Andreas!!! GTA 4 GTA 5 (I think I restarted and finished the game 6 times now.. Each time I realize something better)

And the hilarious Red Dead Redemption series.. I was not lucky enough to purchase the RDR1 at the time it was released.. Was struggling to find a job after grad school.. But for sure I played it later on :) but RDR2 is something I cannot find words to describe.. Best game ever? Sorry GTA - until GTA6 lets say :P The vast map and numerous things todo other than story is exceptional..

Last but not least, who doesnt like Bully, LA Noire, Max Payne? (yeah about that, are you guys thinking about a possible Bully 2? :)

Anyway, long story short, I am a HUGE fan of the studio and wanted to create a rebranding of the iconic emblem.. I tried to incorporate the star inside the R letter but still keep its bold character and iconic yellow color. Every game Rockstar creates becomes a star itself, so thought why not make the "star" the focus point of the icon?

Hope you guys at Rockstar Games and the great Rockstar fans will like my work..

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1 Comment

Mod Adam
Mod Adam
Jun 11, 2022

abi normal rockstar games logosunda olan r yi b yapar mısın lütfen abi


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