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Etsy Logo Mark Redesign

Etsy is one of the best places for purchasing and selling handmade, custom and vintage items. Filled with great products that you cannot find anywhere else. There are great artists all over the world working to create new items for the etsy community. I am proud to be one of them.⁠

The current logo of Etsy looks very institutional. Too professional to what you may find on the website. Also I thought it could have a logo mark that can resemble the products in a way. So I asked myself whats the first thing comes to mind when I think of Etsy? My answer was that majority of the products being sold are handmade. I had to create a logo based on this idea.⁠

I created a bold hand, to emphasize hand is the primary tool for creating products for etsy sellers.. Then 4 fingers resemble the core 4 categories of Etsy products which are"handmade", "vintage", custom" and "unique gifts". Then the thumb and palm connect to create an "e" letter which is the first letter of Etsy. Finally I updated the wordmark slightly, kept the serif font style but changed it with a much friendly, non-professional look.⁠

I had a few other variants for this project. maybe I will share them later on but this was the one that I felt more connected.. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and also please don't forget to follow me as I create such projects each week continuously.⁠

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