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The Ferrari Logo History: Most Iconic Automotive Logo

Find out everything you wanted to know about one of the most iconic logos in history. Here’s your guide to the Ferrari logo history!

iconic ferrari automative company logo with prancing horse

The Ferrari Logo History: A Rare Examination of One of the Longest-Standing Logos in the Automotive Industry

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car company, is one of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry. Though Ferrari has been around for over a century, it’s logo history may be more intricate and exciting than you’d think. One of the most long-standing logos in the automobile industry, ferrari’s logo has seen very few changes over its 100+ year lifespan. Here’s your guide to ferrari logo history!

According to the Ferrari staff, Enzo Ferrari was in the province of Modena to visit the parents of a famous Italian fighter pilot during World War I. Paolina Barraca, Countess of Modena, suggested that her son’s prancing horse painted on his plane during the war would be a good luck symbol for Ferraris’ race cars. This is how the fabled prancing horse logo came to be. Interestingly, the ferrari logo has been tweaked a few times over the years. The most notable change was in 1969 when Enzo Ferrari’s son, Dino, died of cancer at only 24 years old. To commemorate his son, Enzo Ferrari changed the color scheme of ferrari’s logo from yellow to the dark red we know today.

Ferrari Logo History & Prancing Horse Symbol Meaning

The ferrari logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. However, many people wonder what it stands for and why ferraris are so popular with collectors today? The history behind ferrari’s prancing horse symbol dates back to World War I when Countess Paolina Baracca gave her son’s plane a ferrari logo. Countess Paolina Baracca was married to the French nobleman Marquis Gabriele d’Annunzio and ferraris have been adorned with his symbol ever since as a reminder of her son’s bravery in battle. However, some ferrari collectors believe that ferrari’s prancing horse has another meaning. Some ferrari enthusiasts believe that ferraris are associated with the House of Savoy, an Italian royal family who ruled Italy from 1861 to 1946.

You might also be wondering why ferrari’s logo has only seen a few changes in its long history? One reason is Enzo Ferrari’s personal philosophy on ferrari logo design. Enzo Ferrari was a frugal man and he wanted ferraris to remain affordable for the average citizen. He also believed that ferrari cars should be as fast on the racetrack as they are in factory conditions – ferrariauto’s motto is “emotions of pure driving pleasure.”

history of ferrari company logos from 1929 till now

Ferrari Logo & Racing History

The ferrari logo is one of the most iconic logos in the automotive industry and for good reason – ferraris have been some of the fastest cars on the race track for over a century. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 and, since then, ferrari has been a leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Ferrari’s racing history is one of the most impressive in the automotive world. In ferrari’s early years, ferraris dominated races all over Europe. However, it was not until Formula One that ferrari really started to make a name for itself.

Ferrari’s famous prancing horse (or cavallino rampante) first appeared in 1947 on the ferrari 166 sports car. This emblem, designed by fabbro Ferdinando Raimondo, was a stylized representation of enzo ferraris favorite thoroughbred racehorse growing up, segugio. The ferrari logo has remained relatively unchanged since then, with only a few minor modifications made over the years (mainly to reflect ferraris changing corporate branding).

Though it may seem simplistic today, the ferrari logo was quite revolutionary for its time. In an era when most car companies used abstract symbol-based badges, ferrari had the foresight to use a logo with an actual image. This decision set ferrari apart from many of its competitors and further established ferraris reputation for producing high quality performance vehicles.

The prancing horse has been in continuous use by ferrari since 1947 – even after it was bought by fiat in 1969. The ferrari logo has been adapted over the years, but always with a consistent ferrari prancing horse motif at its core. This consistency is one of many reasons for ferraris success and longevity – it is known as much for its historic racing pedigree as it is for being an iconic corporate symbol.

The Ferrari logo history may include more than you think – but its importance cannot be denied! The ferrari prancing horse truly is one of the most iconic logos in history.

What are the Ferrari logo colors?

The ferrari logo colors are red and yellow. The ferrari prancing horse is usually rendered in dark red, although it was originally painted the same bright yellow as ferraris racing cars of that time period. The choice to utilize bright yellow in the logo’s background is also significant, as it represents Modena, the city of Ferrari’s founder. The Italian flag’s three horizontal stripes, white, red, and green, are also seen in all of the Ferrari logos throughout history.

​Ferrari Logo Color: Yellow PANTONE: PMS 3945 C HEX color: #FFF200 RGB: (255 242 0)

​Ferrari Logo Color: Black PANTONE: PMS PROCESS BLACK C HEX color: #000000 RGB: (0,0,0)

Ferrari Logo Color: Green PANTONE: 17-6153 TC (TEXTILE) HEX color: #008C45 RGB: (0,140,69)

Ferrari Logo Color: Red PANTONE: 18-1662 TC (TEXTILE) HEX color: #CD212A RGB: (205,33,42)

What font is the Ferrari logo?

Ferrari’s logo is a custom created typeface. If you’re searching for a similar design, Michael Hagemann’s Ferro Rosso typeface is quite comparable to the slab serif used in the Art Deco-inspired “Ferrari.”

The genesis of the Ferrari brand



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