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Love the work.

I take alot of pride in the things I make.

Monogram Creations

There is a reason why big brands opt for a minimal and simple logo. The attention span of today's society has decreased dramatically. Your logo needs to be recognized within a split second. I'm here to leave out all unnecessary elements and build you a simple logo that packs a powerful message.

Here you may find some of my recent monogram works.

Monogram Creations

Popular Logo Redesigns

Being a creative has its cons as well. Such as walking around the world each day and always focusing on the logos of brands all around me. I do it as a habit. Not only to find glitches on other people's designs but also to learn from them. Improve my thinking process and sometimes even going out of my comfort zone in design.

But sometimes there are logos that I feel I can really improve on. Those, I dont want to keep it as a secret but work on it as a project. Here you may find some of my popular logo redesigns but you may see whole projects on my blog.

Logo Redesign

Wordmark Concepts


I like to give meaning to texts.. Thats what I do for logo design projects, to create a new life for their brand. But sometimes I also have fun challenging my creativity with creating logos based on words. Here are some of my favorite workmark concept works.



I dont create mascots. But I love working on minimal marks. Sometimes its based on animals, sometimes human or sometimes it is just a line art objects. Love to keep it simple but also entertaining.